About HearUSA

HearUSA is a recognized leader in hearing care and is partnered with managed care organizations across the country. Through its Hearing Care Network of nearly 2,000 independently practicing audiologists and hearing care professionals and its more than 180 company-owned hearing centers, HearUSA administers hearing benefits and provides related products and services to both third party and self-referred clients.

Originally known as HEARx, HearUSA opened its first hearing care center in Florida in 1987. In 2002, with the acquisition of a national hearing care company, HearUSA was created. While still operating in many markets as HEARx or HEARx West, most North American centers are now under the HearUSA banner.

Our Mission

HearUSA is committed to providing the highest quality
hearing health care.

Our Philosophy

HearUSA has a long-standing commitment to enhancing the quality of life in the individual communities in which we serve. It is through our personal care and attention by a qualified, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced staff that we can make a difference. Through personal dedication and volunteerism, we advocate for the medical necessity of hearing care and the utilization of products and services that promote better hearing. As an organization, HearUSA endeavors to support the needs and success of our patients, our employees, and our shareholders.

Our Vision

To become the international hearing care company of choice for patients and healthcare providers through a fully integrated and professionally accredited delivery system.


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